We make future, with fun.

We have a dream.
To change the world through the power of PR.

January 1st, 2020.
As our next challenge,
we transitioned to a holdings management system
to continue sustainable and dramatic growth,
and "SUNNY SIDE UP GROUP Co., Ltd." was born.

We understand the true power of PR.
That when people’s hearts are touched,
it changes their behavior,
eventually changing the world.
As professionals who understand this, we can bring about this change.

We will gather the power of our entire PR communications group,
to continue creating social movements that offer hope for the future.

As independent entities, our group companies have their own individual strengths.
By becoming a holding company,
we can bring together these strengths to create a powerful synergy as one team,
offering our clients the best solution for all your PR and communication needs.
We are a PR Communication Group providing unique solutions for a wide range of challenges
by combining various communication tactics with PR.