Whistleblower System

About our whistleblowing policy

In accordance with the “Whistleblower Protection Act”, SUNNY SIDE UP GROUP Inc. and its subsidiaries (The“Group”) have established a system to handle whistleblowing or concerns about possible illegal or inappropriate acts by the organization or an individual related to the company’s business. Our policy also protects the whistleblower from disadvantageous treatment related to the whistleblowing.


Directors and employees of the Group (directors, employees, contract employees, part-time employees, agency temps) and our clients

Means of reporting

Please send your report to koueki@ssu.co.jp, with the title “whistleblowing” and copy and paste the information from the box below.

【Required information】
① How do you want us to identify you? (actual name, anonymous, actual name for reporting but anonymous for public release)
② Your name, division or department, company name *company name required even if contacting us anonymously
③ Content of your report: who (name and division or department), where, what, when, why and how
  Please also explain why you believe the action should be addressed.

Please note:

A full investigation and feedback may not be possible for reports which are submitted anonymously.

【Reference】Whistleblower Protection Act

Consumer Affairs Agency website: https://www.caa.go.jp/planning/koueki/