We have a dream. To change the world through the power of PR.

When SUNNY SIDE UP was established in 1985,
the word and concept of “PR” was not yet common in Japan.
Since then, we have relied on our passion to communicate about the issues,
people and things that were not yet discovered.
We were also challenging ourselves to create new values.

Fast forward to January 1, 2020,
we transitioned to a holdings management system to become

When people’s hearts are touched,
it changes their behavior, eventually changing the world.
We realize there is lot we can to do for society through the power of PR.

As a PR communication group,
we strive to create new values for the new era
by combining various communication tactics with PR.

The birth of a PR communications group

Advertising, events, SNS, etc. All of these communication tactics are intricately intertwined. In an era with so many media platforms and diverse lifestyles, it’s almost impossible to rely on a single conventional method to address communication issues. PR (Public Relations), which “creates new ways of thinking and values,” is becoming an indispensable part of communication now more than ever.

By adopting the holdings management system and bringing together the strengths of the individual companies in PR, digital and creative, we will be able to enhance the synergy within the group. SUNNY SIDE UP GROUP is a PR Communication Group providing unique solutions for a wide range of challenges by combining various communication tactics with PR.