[SSU Press Release]Updating “32 Supports System”, a unique employee benefits program Financial support for “AMH testing”

SUNNY SIDE UP Inc. (SSU), located in Tokyo Japan, is pleased to announce the updating of “32 Supports System”, the company’s very unique employee benefits program.  

Effective April 2022, the Japanese government has revised its guidelines for health benefit coverage of fertility treatments. In alignment with this revision, SSU has expanded the “Dear WOMAN” program to include financial support for AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) testing of ovarian reserve and encourage female employees to better understand their bodies as they plan for their future.

Promoting “pre-conception care” (effective April 2022)

SSU became the first private company to include financial support for freezing and preservation of eggs with the “Dear WOMAN” program introduced in July, 2015. With the “Partnership” program, SSU included same-sex and common-law partners in its benefits program further enhancing its diversity(, equity) and inclusion efforts to provide an environment where each and every employee is able to be themselves.

Support for “AMH testing” further expands the “Dear WOMAN” program, an expression of our desire to encourage our female employees to learn about their bodies regardless of whether or not they are planning to have children in the immediate future. We recognize the importance of understanding the potential of our bodies at an early stage through “pre-conception care), so that we can better plan for our future.

At SSU, we vow to continue our efforts to lead society in diversity(, equity and) inclusion by renaming some of our employee benefits from an SDGs and LGBTQ+ perspective and also adding “sustainable support” that will enable us to take action that is earth and environment friendly. Our ultimate goal has and continues to be “providing an environment where each and every employee is free to be themselves”.